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Free fire characters pictures


Pictures of Free Fire characters are many and exciting, because of their different personalities, because Free Fire is one of the most famous games in the world, because of its strength, it has more than half a million subscribers, and the game is great because of its small size, the download does not require much space, and there is no specific type of equipment, so By increasing, we will provide you free shooting characters pictures.

free fire selfies

Free shooting characters have many advantages, they have many important elements that help them to fight normally, and they also have many different names, including scary, decorative and frightening, such as:

Enemy conqueror – legend of war – general of Persia al-Shahba – son of Mecca – son of Syria – Ibn Sina – the terrible Ivan – the terrible suspect – Hanish the terrible – the leader of the nation – the melody of death.

There are many stories about shooting free characters, we will show them the following:

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Adam and Eve roles

They are the first two characters to be loaded onto the game, and they are the two you’ll get. In other words, if you start the game to experience the atmosphere only at the beginning of the game, you’ll choose between them.

Then you can choose one of the other characters, and their characters can switch between light and dark colors, modify clothes, etc.

Maxim character

Judging from the image of the Free Fire character, this character is one of the most important and prominent characters in the game, because it can reduce the time allotted to eating the existing mushrooms and using them for medical devices.

Miguel or the crazy killer

Beware Miguel, he is a good soldier, he is the captain of the team, he has managed to catch a lot of criminals and put them in jail.

One of the advantages of the role of Miguel or Crazy Killer is that he can automatically renew his blood. If you are at the beginning of the game, it will be the right turn for you, because he can use every kill to profit in the game by transforming energy.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s role

When we talked about free shooting selfie Cristiano Ronaldo is a famous soccer player, so we found that the creator of free shooting game added this player to gain new followers and made some changes to the game system.

Mohamed Ramadan’s personality
The character of Muhammad Ramadan is the only Arab character in this global game recently added and it has powerful and unlimited abilities that you can buy with some gems because it is a new character and you may need some money to get it. He. She.

Nikita’s role

One of the best pictures of the free shooting character is Nikita, also known as the gun character, which is faster than the game in changing the stock of weapons and reloading the weapons.

clay character

Kara or Muay Thai, this role is one of the favorite characters of boxing and wrestling fans, because he is a professional boxer, but he did not appear for a long time.

After his return he decided that the avengers are cruel, because what distinguishes this character is that his punches caused a lot of damage compared to others in the game, so be careful with his punches because it will destroy anything in its path, its striking power increased by 400%.

Olivia’s role

To complete our topic on the free shooting role, we mentioned the role of Olivia, aka the Healing Touch role. The advantage of this role is that when any member of the game drops, they will get Olivia’s help.

His HP is around 12, so it’s very important to let her join the team.

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Misha character setting
Misha is a burning character or character, Misha is the favorite character of everyone who loves different cars, because it is also characterized by increased speed, so if it is in the car, it will increase safety, and Misha has a crazy driving spirit. So they called her the Queen of the Race.

Five cars with two characters
Capella has talent for singing, she wants to become famous, she has already started singing pop music, but her family is using it for their own benefit. It has a special staying power through healing songs, and can also add healing effects.

Notura characters
The Notola family is a motorcycle gang, who is also a motorcyclist, but hates a life full of murder. One day, her team had a fight with the opponent’s team. All of her team members died and she was arrested. Instead of being sentenced to death, she was sent to Liberty Fire Island. Free fire

Night role preparation
Laila is an engineer, her father was killed in a construction explosion accident, she worked a few jobs to make a living, and one day a scrap dealer took her to work with her and sent her to Liberty Fire Island. One of its advantages is that the durability of the shield can be restored after each kill, and for more durability, the shield can be upgraded to the third level.

Faroese characters
In Free Fire Selfies, Alvaro grew up in a military family, and when his talent for creating explosives and damage increasing was discovered, he was drafted from the army.

Some think that he is crazy or untrustworthy, and one of his features in the game is that he can increase the damage of explosives and increase the explosive range when throwing explosives at the enemy.

Ford character
Ford’s character is called Iron Bone, because he is a marine, known for strength and flexibility, and one of his strengths is that he has an exceptional ability to survive in unsafe and dangerous areas, because he reduces the damage rate of 24% in an unsafe area.

A124 Characters
A124 is considered one of the best Free Fire characters because it has the ability to turn yellow blood into original blood, but its only drawback is that it always needs mushrooms to have yellow blood, and it is characterized by speed and flexibility.

Qeshma character
The kashmir character is the strongest among the free shooting characters and possesses many skills, such as:

Yellow blood volume increases automatically without eating any mushrooms.
It can convert yellow blood into original blood.
Most importantly, if he filled it with his own original blood, his team members would also benefit and increase their health.
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good character
The role of Alok is a role that rivals that of Kashmir, some say that Alok is undoubtedly the best and strongest role in Free Fire.

This character is loved by all Free Fire players. All players want to have this character. One of the characteristics of this character is that it gives you an aura. This aura increases your health for you and all the teams to be with you.

It can increase your running speed, it runs every five seconds, no mushrooms or anything, and these qualities of Alok character make it the most popular character among players.

These are the best and strongest characters of Free Fire game, and they are waiting for new updates and new characters to join the game to amaze users.

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