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The benefits of the Egyptian Post 2022, and what is the interest rate in the Egyptian Post today?


The Egyptian Post is one of the most important saving methods that bring the best benefits to individuals, and the post has been widely disseminated, especially in the current era, the number of postal users in the entire Arab Republic of Egypt is about 15 million, and the post also provides other services to the Egyptian people, including paying Seniors and pension costs. For retirees, remittances, domestic or international transportation and postal services.

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Benefits of Egypt Post 2022

The interests of Egyptian Post dealers are not fixed, they vary from one period to another, because the economy greatly affects the inflation rate resulting from deposits and the interest rates on various finances. Projects that greatly affect the interests of the Egyptian Post.

The interest rate is up to 10% of the amount deposited within one year, if a person builds up and withdraws the deposited amount and deposits within one year, he has to withdraw from the deposited amount within the predetermined percentage which is noteworthy Yes, Egypt Postal Savings Account has some necessary conditions Such as:

If the depositor has not made any withdrawals or deposits for a period of up to 15 years, did not make the necessary updates to his brochure, or did not even receive interest on the amount saved, the Egyptian Postal Administration must notify the bank of this. The depositor at his place of residence mentioned in the guide.
In the event that this occurs and the notice from the General Post Office to the depositor is not answered, the interest is the property of the Egyptian General Post Office and the depositor is not entitled to recover it.
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Advantages of the Egyptian Postal Savings Book

A mailing ledger is a type of document used to save a depositor’s money. Money is the securities that contains the amount deposited by the person, and the post also provides the function of converting the document to a plastic card, so that the card can be used in the card. The Egypt Post ATM and others are used for the following mail delivery books:

The savings book does not include fees and stamps on all used papers.
Egypt Post provides the necessary facilities so that retirees can easily open a savings account at the beginning of each month, deposit funds and transfer these funds directly.
Egypt Post provides customers with a small number of statements in both Arabic and English.
Funds deposited by clients are considered under the auspices of government agencies, which creates a guarantee in the hearts of clients.
The ability to deposit or withdraw money from any post office near you that has nothing to do with the post office.
Egypt Post provides complete confidentiality for all customer withdrawals or deposits.

Disadvantages of the Egyptian Postal Savings Book

Although there are many advantages in the “Egypt Post” savings book, it still has some shortcomings, including:

With the exception of the Egyptian Post Office, it is impossible to withdraw the funds requested by the customer.
If the customer wants to withdraw any amount, he will not make the withdrawal on the same day, but it is assumed that the required amount can be obtained in advance one or two days in advance.
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Documents required to open a savings book at Egypt Post 2022
These documents and conditions differ according to the age of the individual wishing to open the savings book, as follows:

1_for adults and ordinary people
The existence of a national ID card, provided that the card is valid.
2 forms, to be filled out by Egypt Post.
Provide identification for the individual who will open an account in the mail.
The amount initially saved must not be less than EGP 50.
2_for individuals and minors
A copy of the birth certificate containing the country code.
2 model of the Egyptian postal form.
The amount deposited at the beginning of the order must not be less than 50 Egyptian pounds.
Types of accounts in Egypt Post
Egypt Post provides two types of accounts for keeping books:

Silver account: This type of account is with an amount of less than 10,000 Egyptian pounds, and the interest rate is calculated once a day.
Golden Account: The minimum account opening for this account is EGP 10,000, and the interest is calculated daily.

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