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Using News Video Clips In Your Video Productions Increases Credibility


News clips prior to the 20th century were referred to as “reels” but can still be reliable, trustworthy additions to most modern day news video clips. Recorded events, especially those that have historical significance, are instantly recognized by the viewer and can add tons of credibility, style and structure to an otherwise drab narrative.

News footage clips can be easily “dropped” or added into larger videos to produce custom-finished pieces. Three types of video clips can be used to enhance any topic. In combination, these clips can convey a story and complete the news footage, giving it the credibility the narrative needs to keep the viewer watching.
Current Video Clips

Video clips using current news can be joined by on-the-scene or recorded narration that relays an event whether it is a few hours old or a day old. Quickly paired, the presentation can be added to a current national or world news show that relies on hard news. This type of presentation is affordable to produce and credible since the viewer will trust what is seen with his own eyes more than just a simple news narrative.

Archival or Historical Clips

When choosing archival video clips, they are based on past events and are of significant or historical value to the viewer. The audience will understand and relate to the progression of the news clip if the old news is tied to current news involving similar subjects or events, such as a courtroom trial or a recognizable public figure. For example, when famous people die, a video narrative usually recaps the person’s life with archival news clips. Viewers remember the person and the video becomes a trusted source of information about that person. Credible statistics, videos and other records can be attained through highly credible government websites such archives.gov.

Concept News Clips

Concept news clips also add credibility to video productions when based on actual events. These are based on certain concepts rather than focusing on actual people. Concept news footage clips taken of the groups of people associated with the subject work best. For example, if the subject of the video is the problem of obesity or smokers, clips of groups depicting the subject works best. Concept clips will generally move back and forth between a video and the narrator. Other types of concept clips include sports clips, nature or weather scenes and disasters.

An atmosphere is created by news video clips, lending a confidence and authority to many projects. There is a vast supply of archival footage available on the Internet for videographers and news reporters to use. The wide variety of topics and historical events available can help you produce a modern, clean video that is ready for viewing.

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